Classic, elegant, simple, unique. Build a wall full over time as your pet moves through life's stages. A simple one hour session either in the studio or on location will provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Minimal use of props and set decorations keep this style fresh and timeless.

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Family Portraits

All pets have a place in the heart of their family. Each portrait is a glimpse. A moment in time that is there and then gone. Catch it and hold it for a lifetime with a portrait that captures the bond shared between human and animal. Includes wardrobe consultation, in home wall art design, and on location portraiture. 

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Do you want a portrait that is truly unique? A portrait that is designed around you and the styles and colors that you love? What about a portrait that is based on a theme like Old World Scottish Laird, or Steampunk? We plan whatever we can dream up together! If I have to get a permit and use dry ice, that is even better! Whatever you can imagine, we make it happen. Then you enjoy it in your home forever.

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